Harz Region

The Brocken - Unique mountain with rare flora

The highest peak of the Harz mountains attracts more than one million visitors a year

"Der Brocken - mit 1142 m ü.NN der höchste Berg im Harz - ist die einzige Erhebung im deutschen Mittelgebirgsraum, die eine natürliche Waldgrenze besitzt.  Das extrem rauhe Klima und eine den Winden ausgesetzte exponierte Lage verhindern das Entstehen eines geschlossenen Waldes auf dem Plateau. Ab etwa 1.100 m ü.NN (je nach Exposition) beginnt auf dem Brocken die waldfreie Zone. Eine solche natürliche Waldgrenze ist für deutsche Mittelgebirge einmalig. Schon unterhalb davon hat die Fichte in der sogenannten "Kampfzone" erschwerte Wuchsbedingungen. Die uralten, nur wenige Meter großen Baumgestalten zeugen von der Härte dieser Umgebung..."

Flora of Brocken

The Brocken garden offers some 1600 plants from the high mountain regions of the world. Alpine gentians grow next to species from the high mountains of Asia and America. From May to the end of June, the Brockenanemone blooms and covers the summit in a white and yellow sea of flowers. Due to the extremely rough climate and the strong winds, the forest-free zone starts at about 1,100 m asl. The Brocken garden can be found right next to the Brocken museum.

Climate of the Brocken

In nice weather the Brocken offers a great panorama over an area as large as Switzerland - at least theoretically. On more than 300 days, clouds cover the mountain for hours. Good sight is rare." The Brocken is a place of extreme weather conditions. The climate on the Brocken corresponds, due to the short summer and very long winters, many months with closed snow cover, the heavy storms and low temperatures, even in summer to an alpine location at 2,500 m altitude. Therefore it is comparable with the climate of Iceland.

History of the Brocken

Because of its exposed location, the Brocken was used for military purposes. For 28 years, the Brocken was - for political reasons - the only insuperable mountain in the world. An original segment of the Brockenmauer and numerous interesting exhibition objects (which can be seen in the Brocken museum) remind us of the time when the Brocken was not accessible to everyone. In the Brockenhaus (museum), next to the Brockenhotel, you will learn more about the turbulent history of the highest mountain of northern Germany.

Nature experience and adventure holiday in the heart of Germany

The Harz mountains - Discover and experience 2000 years of history

The Harz - 2000 years of history - an ancient cultural landscape with lots of nature and interesting sights. The Harz ranges about 90 kilometers from west to east, about 30 kilometers from north to south.
The highest summit is the 1,142-meter-high Brocken. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, culture or nature we guarantee that you will enjoy the Harz . Following you can find some of the sights that are definately woth visiting.

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen -
Harz steam train

Nationalpark Harz -
For lovers of nature

Schierke in the center of national park Harz

Climatic spa, hiking paradise and winter sports resort

Schierke - climatic spa and winter sports resort - is situated 600 m above sea level, right at the foot of the 1142 m high Brocken. The beautiful town offers ideal conditions for diverse activities in the nature. Let your heart be enchanted by the wild-romantic landscape, the myths and legends of the Harz Mountains. Granite blocks and impressive rock cliffs inspired Goethe to write the Walpurgis Night scene in Faust. A ride with the Brockenbahn is a unique experience. Within 90 minutes the train winds from Drei Annen Hohne via Schierke up to the Brocken. The station Brocken is reached at 1130 m altitude. The Walpurgis Night (30th of April) is celebrated every year in Schierke. Thousands of spectators pursue the spectacle of witchcraft and devilish spirits in the Kurpark. The festival ends with a dance and great fireworks.

Partner and Touristic Highlights

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